Birgit Neugebauer

Birgit Neugebauer | Management Consultant | ODIGOS Gmbh & Co. KG Munich
Birgit Neugebauer | Management Consultant

Birgit Neugebauer

Management Consultant


After her studies of business economics with an emphasis on tourism, Birgit Neugebauer focused her activities on franchise systems for the tourism industry. Mrs. Neugebauer has significant experience in sales and distribution, adopting different responsibilities in the course of working for several international conglomerates.

She started her career as a regional manager and recently held the post of project manager for a corporate expansion. She is very experienced in working with customers and customer acquisition. In addition Birgit is a trained coach.

In her daily work Mrs. Neugebauer demonstrates a firm and diplomatic way of communicating with customers and candidates. Her strength is to inspire people to accept new challenges and to spark interest.

At ODIGOS human resource partner Birgit’s main focus is on research activities.

Openness, empathy and appreciation guide my daily work’’